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    This is a manual of configure all the functions of the XM530 solution camera through TF.It is just for smart Wi-Fi camera which use XM530 DSP and developed by Xiongmai.Camera app is icsee or xmeye,see here.

    1. Copy all the files and folder to the root of your TF card.See below:

    2. Open the file function.ini in test folder by text editor and enable or disable the function as you need.

    Remove the # at the begin of each line to enable each function and you can also adjust the parameters of each function as you need.See below:

    3. After completing the above configuration, insert the TF card into your camera and then power on. After a while camera will set up itself and you can hear a beep if finished.

    4. Then power off camera and unplug the TF card and then to check if camera’s function is enable or not.

    Camera’s function can be set up:

    language: Support SimpChinese,English,Spanish,Portugal,ChineseEnglish
    Wi-Fi: AP or Station
    Motor_flip: no or yes
    Motor_mirror: no or yes
    IRCutReverse: no or yes
    InfraredReverse: no or yes
    DoubleLightCamera: yes or no
    Video_mirror: no or yes
    Video_flip: no or yes
    MOTOR_PRESET: yes or no
    MAX_DEGREE_X: as you need
    MAX_DEGREE_Y: as you need
    #The vertical angle of the horizontal line where the lens is located when taking a panoramic cruise

    Auto tracking

    track_width_steps:600 #The number of steps required to move the head from the left to the right of the screen
    track_height_steps:350 #The number of steps needed to move the head from the bottom to the top of the screen
    track_default_degrees_y:95 #The vertical direction angle of the default recov

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