Video storage in security

In the security monitoring system, video storage is a very important part, and video files are recorded and saved for later query. How to ensure the safety and reliability of the video files is particularly important, and choosing a suitable video storage method is an important part of it.

HDD in video security

In terms of security surveillance video, cassette tapes were used in the early days, and optical discs were later used. Now mechanical hard disk storage video is still the mainstream, although SSDs and TF/SD cards are also used.

Video capacity Calculator

1TB=1024G,1GB=1024MB, this is theoretical value.For simplicity, hard drive manufacturer(like Seagate,Western Digital) define 1TB=1000GB on their HDD products and we call this manufacturer’s value. In addition, some of the listed capacity is used for formatting and other functions, and thus will not be available for data storage. So a HDD printed 1TB has only 931GB storage space […]