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Security Top 50

Revenue unit: (US$ Millions) Data Sources: Public information of each company and asmag. Top 50, 2020



Neye 3C is a P2P way to view IPC and DVR, Plug and Play from all over the world!It is based on Goolink.


Hopeway,same as HIDVCAM is an audio and video security camera for the consumer market that allows you to easily view pictures and videos taken with your camera anytime, anywhere.


AC18 is an APP that uses P2P technology to access network cameras. It is used in conjunction with network camera hardware.


Seetong is a security video app based on mobile phone operating system. It is a remote monitoring client for all Seetong cloud devices.It is developed by Topsee.


P6SLite,(same as P6S,P6SPro) is a video preview free software based on P2P technology. It includes device management, video preview, video playback and other main functions.It is powered by Ruision.


IPC360 provides home users with 360 extraordinary experience as staying home when they are away from home. With the establishment of worldwide stream servers, users can easily feel home on their phone or tablet by watching, listening and talking.It is powered by puwell.


NVSEE(NVSIP is previous version and CloudSEE JVS,CloudSEE INT’L,SOOVVI Int’l as the same) is the ideal software for remote viewing videos on mobile phone,by Shenzhen Jovision Technology Co., Ltd.It’s easy for connection and users just to register and add the device, and then videos can be seen.Completely easy and simple!


CareCam.,developed by HuiYun.CARE SMART CAMERA – the one that know you best.Remote Video Monitoring: Always stay closer to your family.Motion Detection: Protect your family 24/7.HD Video Playback: Do not let you miss any event.