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    This article just suitable for 4G camera that camera module and 4G module connected by LAN(not by usb serial port). The 4G module including MIFI module(hot spot MIFI_****) or cam_****.

    You can find a hot spot beginning with “MIFI_” when the camera starts working, use the mobile phone or PC to connect the hot spot “MIFI_****”, the hot spot password is “1234567890”.(hot spot cam_****  password is A1b2c3d4)

    Access “” through the browser, the page password is “admin”, you can check the SIM card status on this page.((hot spot cam_****  GUI manage admin/password is admin/admin)

    If camera display is offline, please note the following:

    ①Damaged card or wrong installation direction when prompted ” No SIM Card or SIM Card invalid! ”

    ②SIM card arrears or SIM card 4G is not available when displaying non-4G (LTE)

    ③The camera does not support the frequency of the SIM card when prompted “No Service” or “Limited Service”

    ④Displaying 4G (LTE) but Internet is not available, as shown above 4), the camera does not recognize the correct APN setting, you need to get the correct APN information from the 4G operator and set it up manually.

    Make sure the camera supports the frequency of the SIM card!
    SIM card size type is Nano SIM(12.3mmx8.8mm)!
    Please note the direction of SIM card installation!


    1. How to connect 4G camera(4G module hot spot is cam_****)

    2. How to connect 4G camera by Wi-Fi repeater mode(4G module hot spot is cam_****)

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