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    Hi everyone. I am the founder of IPSECU.COM.I begin this website on July 7, 2021.
    IPSECU.COM focus on video surveillance and security and have a share in technology knowledge,news, tools, resource, reviews and product testing of IP camera, Wi-Fi camera, 4/5G camera, battery solar camera, video management systems, IOT, AI, cloud technology and so on.
    If you have any resource updates, suggestions, questions, problems, security video news, etc., you can choose a section to post in the exchange area if you are willing to share it with us.
    In order to make this forum works well, we have some reminders about posting and talking. I hope you can refer to it as much as possible:

    1. 1. This forum is a completely open mode. You only need to fill in your nickname and email address to participate in the exchange.
    2. 2. We do not have too many topic restrictions. But please try to avoid topics that are too sensitive (politics, pornography, gambling, etc.). Please also pay attention to the use of civilized language and do not make personal attacks, verbal abuse, or defamation of anyone.
    3. 3. The website has simple anti-spam measures, such as posting or commenting URLs (generally advertisements often have many URL links) and more than 3 will enter the pending list.
    4. 4. I hope that the title of your question is as simple and clear as possible, but the content is as detailed as possible.
    5. 5. We have the right to delete the offending posts without prior notice, and there is no need to explain one by one after the deletion. If you have objections to the deletion of a post, you can ask a question in the relevant section and we will explain it.

    Note: Before ask a question you can read this page: How To Ask Questions The Smart Way

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    Haha,I am coming!

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