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    In order to facilitate the analysis of equipment with unknown faults, serial port information of equipment can be generated in TF card through firmware with log version, and fault causes can be analyzed according to serial port information.
    It is recommended to use genuine 1-32G TF card, which must be formatted into FAT32 format.
    Put the configuration file with log firmware and log generation into the root directory of TF card, which must be placed as shown in the figure (if the file name is automatically modified after receiving by WeChat and other tools, it must be changed to the following file name)

    Plug the SIM card and TF card into the device, press and hold the reset button to power on for less than 10 seconds, release the button after the red and blue lights come on at the same time, upgrade is completed in about 40 seconds, the device lights up in red light, and the blue light lights up in about 1 minute (which is closely related to the network signal), indicating that the server is connected and the system sleeps after more than 4 minutes; If you can’t connect to the network device, the blue light will never turn on, and the system will sleep after 4 minutes.
    The device automatically sleeps, pulls out the TF card, and the automatically generated log file contains serial text files, which are packaged in folders and sent to us for analysis.

    1. there is apns-conf.xml file in APN _ 4g folder, which is a file for upgrading adaptive APN
    2. The 2.log folder is automatically generated after booting, and there is a file 20181231_190033.txt similar to this file name.
    3. the file in the 3.update folder is ucam_user_spec.conf file, which is the file that guides the log generation
    4. ubia-liteoszip firmware upgrade file
    5. ubia-4g.bin4g module upgrade file
    TF cards can be placed in some of the above documents as required, or all of them can be placed together.
    File: UBIATF card obtains the description of serial port log information file(V300+2063+4G-3.74)210226

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