CareCam.,developed by HuiYun.CARE SMART CAMERA – the one that know you best.Remote Video Monitoring: Always stay closer to your family.Motion Detection: Protect your family 24/7.HD Video Playback: Do not let you miss any event.



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In the camera settings you want to close, close the switch behind the “camera switch” on it. At this point, the camera lens off, the camera is in standby mode, you can always open the lens again. You can also directly unplug the power to completely shut down the camera.

You can set the on/off status of the camera and sensor when you are at home and away from home respectively in the scenario mode, if you set it to turn on when you are away from home, the camera and alarm sensor pieces will be turned on automatically when it detects you are away from home.

“Motion Detection” is a function that automatically triggers message alert, email alert and automatic recording according to the movement change of the screen; when the movement of the object exceeds the preset sensitivity, the video recording will start automatically until the movement continues to be lower than the preset sensitivity, and the recording will stop after about 30 seconds.

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