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Tuya Smart – world’s leading IoT platform,bringing best smart home devices to life for smart home automation industry,including security video camera.It is provided by Tuya and Smart Life  as a OEM’s app.



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According to the status of the device indicator, you can determine the cause and solution of the failure of the network connection.
1) Before adding the device, ensure that the device is in red flashing state (2 times in 1 second). If the indicator status is abnormal, please reset the device to factory settings (press and hold the device RESET button until you hear a beep) (The reset button position of each product is different, but they are marked with “RESET”).
2) The device indicator does not turn blue or does not hear the beep.
A. Note that the screen of the mobile phone is aligned with the lens of the device in parallel, and the distance is kept at about 15cm.
B. Try to adjust the distance between the phone screen and the device before and after and keep it for 2 seconds or so in each position.
C. Please check if there are any stains on the surface of the lens of the device.
D. Make sure the screen of the phone is clear, crack-free and non-reflective.
E. Use the other way of network connection
3) The device indicator flashes blue quickly and does not turn constant blue.
A. device does not support 5GHZ WIFI, please ensure that when adding device, the phone is connected to 2.4GHZ WIFI.
B. WIFI password must be entered correctly, and there must be no special characters.
C. Note that the current WIFI network is smooth, it is recommended to try to restart the router.
4) The device indicator light turns blue. And the APP cannot find the device.
A. Try adding devices in other ways
B. If after repeated attempts, the blue light is still on and the device cannot be found. Please contact customer service for technical assistance.
Note: After any failed addition, you must first reset the device to factory settings when you need to re-connect the network.

Please reset the product to default and try to connect it again.

Locate the reset button of the device, press and hold until the indicator light goes out, release it, hear the beep sound, wait for the device to restart, and the indicator lights up

Constant red :                        The camera is starting up or running abnormally.
Red light flashing quickly : The camera is ready for network connection.
Constant blue :                      The camera is running normally.
Blue light flashing quickly: The camera is connecting to the network

The blank space of the recording timeline represents no video file, and the two video mode problems are different. SD card recording: After the device is powered off, the SD card will not continue recording. Please check whether the device is powered off during the blank time. If it is abnormally powered off, please check whether the power supply, power cable and machine power interface are normal.

Confirm that the notification permission of the Smart life APP in the phone settings is turned on, and whether the mobile alarm settings are all enabled in the app. Under normal circumstances, when an abnormality is detected, a message will appear in the notification bar of the mobile phone. There is no sound or vibration depending on the settings of the mobile phone.

First check if the camera’s power and network are normal. If it is normal, turn off the camera and then restart it. If the camera is still offline after restarting, please remove the camera in the APP, reset the camera to factory settings, and then re-add the device.

Troubleshoot the problem based on the camera’s indicator status:
1) The indicator light is off, indicating that the device is not powered. Please check the power supply carefully and the powersupply interface is normal. It isrecommended to try the power supply.
2) The indicator light is on, in two cases:
A. The indicator light is red, indicating that the camera’s network has been disconnected. Please check the stability of the WIFI network and restart the router. It is recommended to move the camera closer to the router.
B. The indicator light is blue, indicating that the camera’s network is normal. Please check if the mobile phone’s network is normal. If the mobile phone network is not smooth, the video stream may not be transmitted to the mobile phone. It is recommended that the mobile phone switch to WIFI.

The circle indicates that the video is loading. The delay indicates that the network is not smooth. Please check whether the network connected to the camera and the mobile phone is smooth. It is recommended to bring the camera closer to the WIFI router.

An account can only be logged in simultaneously by one mobile phone and one computer, and others can only watch the camera through the sharing mechanism.

No limit.

For security reasons, the shared account permissions are restricted, and some functions of the device cannot be operated. If other people need to operate the camera, they can log in directly with the bound account.

A camera can only be bound by one account, and other accounts can only be viewed through the sharing mechanism. If other accounts need to reconfigure the camera, please remove the device under the first account.

If the SD card is recorded and the SD card is lost, the video in the SD card cannot be viewed, but the APP can view the picture record of the mobile alarm push.

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