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Related Wi-Fi knowledge in security

Wi-Fi is the abbreviation of wireless fidelity, which literally means “wireless fidelity.” Now we are talking about Wi-Fi generally refers to wireless lan (WLAN), wireless local area network, wireless hotspot or wireless network. If this LAN is connected to the external network through a router, then Wi-Fi can connect to the Internet.

Security camera classification

If the standards are set too trivially and the classification is too fine, many cameras will appear in different classifications at the same time, which is not conducive to the overall Grasp the entire security camera system.

Fisheye lens

A fisheye lens is a lens with a viewing angle close to or equal to 180° (maybe greater than 180°). It is an extreme wide-angle lens, fisheye lens is its common name. In order to maximize the viewing angle of the lens, the front lens of this photographic lens has a short diameter and a parabolic projection to the front of the lens, which is quite similar to the eyes of a fish, so it is called a fisheye lens.

i-CS lens

The i-CS lens lens is completely reversed, and the lens information, such as lens interface type (CS), lens distortion, zoom, focus, and aperture information is provided to the camera. Based on this information, the camera can continuously adjust and optimize the image effect.