Compare HD vs. Analog vs. IP of video security

Max. Resolution960H(960 x 576 px)4K(3840x 2160)4K(3840x 2160)4K(3840x 2160)1080P4K, 12MP
Video Output QualitypoorgoodgoodgeneralVery goodgood
Transmission Distance(Coaxial Cable (RG59))1000ft1600ft1600ft1600ft492ftRequires media converter
Transmission Distance(Twisted Pair (CAT5))350ft without ballun, 4000ft with ballun700ft700ft700ft350ft(digital converter required)328ft
UTCN/AsupportsupportsupportN/A(via network)
Format CompatibilityOpen standardProprietary technology by DahuaOpen standardOpen standardOpen standardOpen standard, like ONVIF
Compare HD vs. Analog vs. IP of video security

Benefits of IP
Capable of higher resolutions than traditional analog solutions
Transmit power, video and data over single Ethernet cable
IP camera can operate as a standalone network device, capable of functioning without a network video
Limitations of IP
Require a complex network infrastructure
Offer limited transmission distance
Commonly experience video latency
Require considerable network bandwidth
Can be extremely costly compared to traditional analog and comparable Analog HD systems

Benefits of Analog CCTV
Simple to install, operate and maintain
Affordable compared to traditional IP solutions
Universally compatible with other analog technologies
Limitations of Analog CCTV
Analog CCTV cameras offer limited resolution (up to 960H, or 960 x 480 pixels)
Insufficient resolution for applications requiring greater levels of detail, such as facial recognition or license
plate identification

The Benefits of HD Analog Technology
Megapixel Resolution
Simple Installation
Zero Latency
Low Cabling Requirements
Longer Transmission
Transition Friendly

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